Britain Is To Have Its First Gay Old People’s Home

I love Britain. I love how they refer to the elderly as OAPs. Old Age Person. I’m ready to move there with my Beloved and live blissfully. If there are any here, that’s truly news to me. Anyone know of any?

In plans shown exclusively to BuzzFeed News, an “unashamedly ambitious” project with an “iconic architectural design” for up to 150 residents is already in the development stages.

Tonic Housing, the organisation behind the venture, is currently seeking to secure a site, either in London or Brighton, to begin catering for the more-than-a-million LGBT people over the age of 50 in Britain.

Similar homes have already opened in Germany, Sweden, and the USA, and facilities in France and Spain are imminent, but there are as yet no residential provisions in the UK aimed at the LGBT market.

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