World Suicide Prevention Day

The Human Rights Campaign is honoring World Suicide Prevention Day today. I feel it’s something the LGBT Community around the world should honor every year. There are far too many LGBT individuals who feel they have no other option but to end their own life. It’s heartbreaking to think about so many lives lost because of the hatred people still have in their hearts for LGBT people.

I remember when I was in my 20s I had a friend who was on the verge of suicide. She wasn’t LGBT, but she was my friend (we’ve since lost touch when she moved across country). We talked on the phone for a very long time, with me alternating between pleading and being angry that her mother (the source of all her trouble) would win and I would lose a friend. It was a very difficult time, but we managed to pull through.

It’s a helpless feeling to not know what to tell someone who is at that point in their life where the only answer they see is their own death. Someone very close to me has been suicidal on occasion and I have managed to reach out to her at just the right moment to put an end to those thoughts. The last time it happened, I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was away from home, too, with no way to get back other than walking. I hope that she never goes through with it because I don’t know how to handle something like that.

If you know someone who felt death was their only way out, I am sorry. It’s unimaginable to me to lose someone you love or feel any affection for in that way. If you have ever felt that way yourself, please reach out for help. There’s nothing in this world worth throwing away your life for. If you need an anonymous voice to talk to, you can email me. ( We all need to put an end to this issue and embrace those with problems they feel are too big for them to handle. Today and every day. Open your heart and reach out a hand and let a stranger in need grasp it. Save a life.