Same-Sex Couples Still Cannot Marry In Small Pockets Of The U.S.

I imagine there are many in addition to the one hitting headlines out of Kentucky. If you cannot follow the law, quit your job. We complain when common criminals are not following the law, but it’s okay for people who work for the government to refuse to follow the law.

This week, an employee at the Casey County Clerk’s Office in Kentucky said on the phone that officials are not issuing marriage licenses to anyone — not to same-sex couples or different-sex couples. Nobody at the office would explain the reasoning for the decision, she said, and hung up the phone. BuzzFeed News called back to ask why and get her name, but she hung up again.

A few miles south at the Clinton County Clerk’s Office, an employee hung up when asked if the county was issuing marriage licenses since the Supreme Court’s June ruling for marriage equality. Another call back, another hang up.

Farther east in the Bluegrass State, however, the elected clerk of Rowan County is perfectly clear about her reasoning and practices.

Kim Davis is doing battle with four couples and Gov. Steve Beshear in federal court, arguing in court documents this month that she has a religious objection to her name appearing on the marriage licenses of same-sex couples. So instead, Davis barred all six of her deputies at the Rowan County Clerk’s Office from issuing marriage licenses to anybody — even though at least one deputy clerk was willing.

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