The Mistreatment Of A Dying Gay Man In Texas Goes ‘A Step Beyond Even Westboro Baptist Church’

So so sad. 😥

Half a year ago, John Allen Stone-Hoskins returned home to discover that his husband had hung himself, a tragedy that may have occurred after a medication that Stone-Hoskins’s husband James was taking triggered a psychotic episode. What followed was a series of cruelties that, as the Dallas Voice noted, “may have gone a step beyond even Westboro Baptist Church.”

Though the two men lived together in Texas, James wished to be buried next to his father at a cemetery in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Yet, when John contacted two local churches to ask if they would perform funeral rites for his late husband, he says that he was told that they would not conduct a funeral for someone who was gay. After John found a friend who was willing to say James’s last rites, several members of one nearby anti-gay church attended the funeral. At the service, two of these church members passed out envelopes to John, James’s mother and to the chaplain. They each contained “18 pages of hate-filled rhetoric telling the dead man’s friends and loved ones they’re going to hell.”

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