IBM, Oracle, Orbitz, Symantec Join Corporate Chorus For LGBT Rights Bill

I’m so glad that this is being pushed forward. Maybe one day after I’m long gone, this won’t be an issue, but with the way human nature is, I doubt it.

Four prominent corporations are announcing their endorsement of an ambitious equal rights bill in Congress on Thursday, adding significant volume to a chorus of businesses calling for a nationwide ban on LGBT discrimination in workplaces, housing, and more.

IBM, Oracle, Orbitz, and Symantec are the latest to join nearly a dozen other companies backing the Equality Act in recent weeks — including Fortune 500 giants Apple, Google, and Dow Chemical — but whether statements of support for LGBT rights will spur action from a Republican-led Congress remains to be seen.

For IBM, endorsing the bill was seen as an extension of the company’s internal culture.

“We established a corporate policy on equal opportunity more than a decade before the Civil Rights Act,” the company said a statement provided to BuzzFeed News by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), a national LGBT advocacy group that has been rolling out backers for the bill since it was introduced in July.

IBM touted an “industry-leading” policy of nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation over 30 years ago, and expanded it in 2002 to cover gender identity and expression.

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