The Ignorance Astounds Me

Today I had to go get blood drawn because a test wasn’t done when I gave them some two weeks ago. I didn’t go as early as I did before because I didn’t have to fast. I went around 8 something and while sitting in the waiting room, got I got drawn into a conversation going on around me about the medicines taken as a child and how things like the chocolate ExLax are easily confused as candy. As the group dwindled in size, there were just me and another woman (her husband was getting blood work done) and an older gentleman who were still in the conversation. Somehow the conversation got around to doctors in general and the woman (who’s about my age) said that she didn’t mind women gynecologists, even though some women don’t like to go to females. She said she didn’t mind as long as they weren’t – and here she made a gesture indicating homosexuality. She clarified that she “doesn’t have a problem with ‘them,’ in other situations” but she didn’t want to give a lesbian gynecologist something to think about once her appointment was over. It was all I could do not to laugh at her. She’s perfectly fine with a man possibly¬† thinking about her vagina after the end of her appointment, but not a woman. Because a woman is going to hit on her a year later. After all, that’s generally how often we see our gynecologist, unless there’s a birth involved or some other major issue. There have been more male doctors who have taken advantage of female patients than female doctors taking advantage of female patients. Why straight people assume we want to convert the world is beyond me. I am happy with my straight friends and would never try to convince them to be any than who they are.