LGBT in Advertising

Good Morning Everyone!

Perhaps it’s just me, but I feel that there’s been a sudden rise in the number of outright LGBT flavored commercials or ones where LGBT is included along with straight people. You will recall from 27 April of this year the commercial for Wells Fargo Bank involving the Lesbian couple nervously learning sign language in anticipation of the older girl they are adopting and I’ve noticed a few new ones cropping up. Mayyybe they’ve been around longer than I imagine they have, but I only noticed them this weekend because of where the National focus has been. I’m glad companies are showing their support of us. So here’s the Tylenol commercial I’ve noticed.

On the radio I heard a new AT&T commercial about what constitutes a family under their Family Plan for their mobile phones.

So are there any I’m missing? Have you seen something I’ve not? Please share!!