Teen Sues School District In Potentially Key Federal Case For Transgender Restroom Rights

I swear I will never understand how a daily (and for some of us hourly) biological function immediately brings to mind sex. Sure there’s a whole sub-culture of fetishists out there, but I’m sure they can use the bathroom facilities like anyone else and leave sex out of it. These parents are absurd.

Before 16-year old Gavin Grimm filed a lawsuit in federal court on Thursday that could put him under a national spotlight, he already had endured more scrutiny, and embarrassment, in his rural home county in Virginia than most people experience in a lifetime.

Last fall, the Gloucester County School Board held two rounds of meetings — packed with students and parents — over a proposal aimed at solely Grimm. While he sat in the room, public testimony called Grimm a “freak” and compared him to a dog, while some speakers debated his anatomy as a transgender boy. Then, in a 6-1 vote, the board passed a policy to prohibit transgender students from using restrooms that don’t correspond to their “biological genders.”

Put simply, Grimm was banned from the boys’ room — where he had been using the restroom without incident for seven weeks with his high school’s permission before fervent religious groups and fearful parents found out. The groups pressured the board to keep him out, citing privacy concerns and the specter of sexual misconduct.

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