Meet Caitlyn Jenner


Despite months of tabloid speculation, the Diane Sawyer interview, confusion resulting from that interview, and a two-part Keeping Up With The Kardashians special about Jenner’s transition, the media was not instantly prepared to respect her identity. As trans activist Janet Mock was quick to point out, “Why are people so basic and still saying Bruce & he? The cover line LITERALLY says, ‘Call me Cailtyn.’”

In defense of this issue, I think it’s a case of people 1. not knowing when it’s kosher to refer to someone using the new pronouns, but more importantly, 2. the new name hadn’t been announced prior to this. At least not to my knowledge. If you want people to be more open to transgendered people and their struggles, you need to teach, not beat people over the head when they get something wrong. Do you immediately use the new using the new pronouns immediately? I fully admit that it’s awkward and new even for me. I’d like to think we’re trying to let Caitlyn dictate how and when things happen, but maybe that’s just me trying to be optimistic.

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