This Was The Happiest, Gayest, Greatest Night In Irish History

To any of our Irish sisters and brothers who may follow this blog, my deepest apologies for not recognising your historic and landmark referendum decision sooner. ❤ And a special thank you to the little people for providing a double rainbow in honour of the decision. 😉

After the result came the celebrations. Thousands who had gathered in the courtyard of Dublin Castle to hear the referendum declaration spilled out on to the streets.

There, they found thousands more, throngs of people of all ages, all sexual orientations, lining the streets, climbing on to buildings and railings, weeping openly, embracing and cheering as the historic moment began to resonate.

Revellers hanging off City Hall were met with beeping horns from passing car after passing car, as drivers wound down their windows to punch the air in solidarity.

As the crowds found their way to Dublin’s gay scene, streets became pavements as unprecedented numbers came out to rejoice. On the cobbles of Parliament Street, outside the Front Lounge bar, people sat and stood and drank and hugged. A gang of bikers whizzed by, hooting and revving their engines in congratulation.

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