Gay Republicans Booted From Appearing At Conservative Summit In CO

Maybe someday we’ll let go of our death-grip on the strict two-party only system we have in this country. And before anyone bleats that we have other parties, when it comes down to it, you have either a Republican or Democratic president and either a Democratically controlled Congress or a Republican controlled one. It’s a shame when portions of one political party is shunned because of one aspect of their lives, which have zero to do with politics. Oh wait…. this is ‘murica where everything in your life has to do with politics.

Last week, organizers for one of the country’s top conservative conventions banned the nation’s leading gay Republican organization from setting up a table when attendees convene in June. The issue, they said, is that the Log Cabin Republicans’ support for same-sex marriage violates their “core biblical beliefs.”

“It seems a bit shortsighted not to allow us to participate,” Alex Hornaday, the vice president and spokesman for the Colorado chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, told BuzzFeed News.

For their part, the Western Conservative Summit organizers said they never invited the the Log Cabin Republicans to their Denver conference the first place, and said in an online statement that “they chose to make a news story of it.”

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