Trans Man Sues Employer After Being Told His Gender Identity Isn’t “In Compliance”

I truly hope someday all of this will change, but the way the government wants to lead us now, it won’t happen in my lifetime, if ever.

When Tristan Broussard was hired at Tower Loan at $15 an hour in March 2013, he drove to Houston to buy a new suit. He told his girlfriend she could quit her job, if she wanted to, and take care of their pets at home.

But a week after he started at the financial chain’s Lake Charles, Louisiana, location, Broussard was fired, according to a lawsuit filed Monday. Broussard claims that he was terminated after the company’s vice president told him he would have to follow the female dress code.

Broussard had previously explained to his direct manager that he was transgender, after she asked him why his driver’s license listed his sex as female. She told Broussard that he wouldn’t be judged and had nothing to worry about, Broussard said. But just days later, Broussard claims he found himself in a meeting with the company’s vice president, David Morgan, being told that the corporate office had to “draw a line,” and that Broussard would have to sign an agreement that his gender identity wasn’t “in compliance with Tower Loan’s personnel policies” or leave the company.

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