Tween Who Lives as Both a Boy and a Girl Speaks Out in Documentary

At first I thought it was strange that this young boy/girl had to dress and act different ways between mom and dad, but then later envisions life as a man with a wife and kids. I guess the kid knows his/her heart and mind, so better to just let it be. But is this really about a transgender tween or a different aspect of it? I don’t know.

A fascinating documentary called Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids aired on the BBC Sunday night, exploring the life of transgender children, particularly one American adolescent who identifies as both a boy and a girl.

The child (whose last name and hometown is unknown) was biologically born a male named Cole but also lives as a girl named Crystal. The child’s mother Joy (who refers to her child as “she”) tells filmmaker Theroux, “And it’s difficult because at school or in places where she’s a ‘he,’ we can trip over ourselves.” Parents Joy and Eric are divorced and Cole/Crystal alternates between presenting her identity depending on which parent is present. Joy is supportive of her child but as she tells Theroux, “Her and father I, I don’t think, see this from the same perspective.”

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