The True Intent Of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Bill, According To The People That Helped Write It

I think the Republican party needs to define it’s beliefs and make sure everyone is on the same page, otherwise you’re going to leave people confused. The governor of Indiana (and some Republican lawmakers) are saying, “This bill is NOT about LGBT discrimination!!” while others of their own party are shouting, “Hell yeah it is exactly about LGBT discrimination.” The rest of the country knows the truth. The Conservative Republicans of Indiana shout the truth. Mr Governor & Co. you’d better start speaking the truth and accept the backlash. Stand up for what you believe in, even if millions of others disagree with you. Stop hiding and lying.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) and state Republican leaders have been playing damage control this week, claiming that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act is not a law that enables anti-LGBT discrimination. Meanwhile, however, the conservatives who advocated for the bill have been spurning this attempted walkback, asserting in the process that the goal was ensuring discrimination all along.

At the forefront of the conservative reaction is Micah Clark, who serves as executive director of the American Family Association of Indiana and who stood right behind Pence as he signed the bill. Speaking Monday to Tim Wildmon, head of the national American Family Association, Clark explained that conservatives should oppose any effort to clarify that the law does not legalize discrimination. “That could totally destroy this bill,” he explained.

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