State Attorneys Tell Supreme Court That Gay People Are Too Powerful To Have Equal Rights

It’s amazing to have such power and not even know it. I mean honestly if we were so powerful, none of these court battles would be taking place because we’d have found a way to stop them all from coming to light. Like the wealthy elite do. Political ignorance astounds me.

Gay Americans simply have too much political power to be afforded equal rights under the Constitution, according to a brief filed by the state of Ohio asking the Supreme Court to permit that state to continue to practice marriage discrimination. Ohio’s claim comes as part of a greater effort to convince the justices that laws which discriminate again gay men, lesbians and bisexuals should not be treated with skepticism by courts applying the Constitution’s guarantee that everyone shall be afforded “the equal protection of the laws.”

Under this provision of the Constitution, most forms of discrimination are entirely permissible. It is acceptable, for example, for the government to discriminate against unqualified job applicants when making hiring decisions, or to discriminate against people who commit serious crimes in deciding who to incarcerate.

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