Idaho Lawmakers Call On Congress To Impeach Judges For Marriage Equality Rulings

I’m sorry to anyone who might come across this blog and wonder about the owner, but I’m starting to feel worth less and less. I feel my value as a productive member of society being denigrated daily by people who hate so much. It’s depressing.

Forty-four of Idaho’s Republican lawmakers oppose same-sex marriage so much that they are out for blood — or at least jobs. The Idaho House voted 44-25 Friday on a non-binding memorial (resolution) urging Congress to impeach any judge that ruled in favor of same-sex marriage. All 14 Democrats opposed the memorial.

The text of the measure references the Sixth Circuit’s opinion upholding bans on same-sex marriage, ignoring the countless other rulings in favor of marriage equality. Quoting from the decision it specifically references the “biological reality couples of the same sex do not have children in the same way as couples of opposite sexes,” which justifies states only recognizing the latter’s marriages.

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