What Syriza’s Victory Means for LGBTQ Rights in Greece

Ever since Syriza was swept to power on a wave of anti-establishment feeling in January, interest has, understandably, focused on what the party’s victory means for Greece’s external politics. Just as radical, however, is what Syriza can do to change the country’s internal dynamics, including for Greece’s LGBTQ minority, whose character has changed tremendously since 2008, though it is still a marginalized group within the general society.

The European debt crisis undermined the role of political parties and traditional institutions in Greece. One reaction to this loss of trust has been the emergence of a new civil society, with volunteerism, bartering for goods and services, and neighborhood community organizing filling the gaps left by the government’s retraction. Another emerging trend is one of civil activism, which is where the LBGTQ community comes in.