Personal Rant

You know, being a Lesbian doesn’t mean I have friend restrictions. I can and do have friends of both sexes who are both gay and straight. I even have a friend who is bisexual. What being a Lesbian does not mean is that I go after any female I know and want sex with her. I love my female friends (and the guys too), but there is more than one kind of love in the world. Some people don’t seem to understand.

I have one such friend who I’ll call the Ballerina. She’s a co-worker at my part-time job and one of the few I genuinely like seeing when we are able to work together. I liken her to a younger sister I’ve never had. She was in a relationship that abruptly ended when she discovered that he’s been in some form of a relationship with another woman all the while he was courting her. She even wound up telling the other woman of her existence so now the douchebag has no one. (Rah, rah!) Ballerina is pretty much alone in the getting-over-heartbreak because her family is soooo inconsiderate of her it’s not even funny. Her mother demands that she “get over him” and move on. I know from experience it’s not easy getting over someone and on top of this one break up, Ballerina feels she has a history of attracting the wrong guys.

So a few weeks ago, we planned a day of just hanging out and then later that evening we’d go to work together. I just wanted to get her away from the toxic environment of her family. We went to lunch at a nice local seafood restaurant and then went to the local park’s amusement area to see another friend of ours who works at the park. We were going to give her a hard time (as friends do) and maybe ride a few rides. We got there and discovered our friend wasn’t working. She’d shown up and the computers weren’t working properly so she went home. Ballerina and I decided to ride some rides anyway. The first thing we rode was the carousel which is the center piece of the amusement area. It’s one of the oldest in the country. As the ride was going, I took a picture of her with my phone then she took a picture of me. I posted them on Facebook, tagged her in the pic and thought nothing more of it.

A while later, she tells me that her ex texted her asking if she was enjoying her date. Yeah she still has him on her Facebook, and he saw the two photos and assumed we were on some kind of date. I really wish she would cut him off completely – a fact I repeat often – because I believe it is hindering her full recovery of the breakup. I got pissed about the text because I HATE when others make assumptions about what I am doing with another woman. I have a girlfriend who I am madly in love with and would never betray, but even if I didn’t, I would not view my friendship with the Ballerina as a potential move into something else. It pissed me off that he would make an assumption. She laughed it off, but I couldn’t. I saw it as another way that he is disrespecting her and I will defend my friends against anyone who doesn’t treat my friends the way I believe they should be treated.

I wanted to tell him something, but then I realized anything I say will only fuel his suspicions. *sigh* At the same time I want to be able to defend the Ballerina as I would any friend.