Congressman: I ‘Do Not Construe Homosexual Rights as Human Rights’

Well, it’s certainly nice to know I’m not a human. :-/ Remind me to never go to New Jersey.

New Jersey Representative Christopher Smith is one of the GOP’s social conservative stalwarts, the perennial author of pro-life bills written to prevent any taxpayer money from ever funding an abortion. He’s a human rights campaigner; it was Smith who passed legislation that created a separate processing system for child migrants fleeing violence in Central America. Smith also chairs the House Foreign Affairs Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations Subcommittee, where on Jan. 27, at a hearing about crises in Nigeria, he informed the principal deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of African Affairs that he had a distinct definition of “human rights.”

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2 thoughts on “Congressman: I ‘Do Not Construe Homosexual Rights as Human Rights’”

  1. “Construe” can only apply to the understanding of a word (term) or interpretation of an action. You can’t “construe” a right or legal principle. It would be correct usage to say “I don’t construe the word homosexual to mean the same thing as the broader term human.” But you can’t say “I don’t construe freedom of speech to apply in the case before the court.”

    Of course the Congressman is wrong about much more than the proper use of English, but I still find it ironic when such people globally accuse immigrants of resisting assimilation, when they themselves can’t speak their own native language with authority.

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