Battle lines drawn as Oklahoma lawmakers take aim at gays

Forget ever going to Oklahoma! You might get chased out of town or worse.

I’d like to know how Ms Kern can claim that all Oklahomans have equal rights when she immediately follows that claim with preventing “special rights” for some. If we all truly had equal rights, there wouldn’t be a need for this battle. But you and every other misguided conservative think we do. I hope they enjoy their stay in Fantasyland.

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) – A raft of proposed laws in socially conservative Oklahoma, criticized for being discriminatory measures aimed at limiting the rights of gay and transgender people, has prompted a pushback from human rights groups seeking to sink the proposals.

Some Republicans in the Republican-dominated legislature have proposed about 10 pieces of legislation for the session that include measures allowing businesses to deny service to gay and transgender people and for those businesses to be immune from any civil penalties.

“These bills are nothing more than despicably vile direct attacks on LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) Oklahomans and their families,” said Marty Rouse, field director for the national Human Rights Campaign, which is trying to defeat the bills.

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