Writing Prompts 3

What area of your life do you tend to enjoy in excess instead of moderation?

Hard to admit, but food might be the biggest. My excess would be in quality. An excess of the wrong kind of foods. I am by no means what many would call an over-eater. I just eat the wrong stuff more often than not. I have an Indian friend who always clears her plate no matter what. I can’t do that at all. When my stomach says, “Whoa there!” I stop. There’s something about being an Indian, though, that requires her to empty her plate no matter what. Just the thought of that while I’m typing this out makes my stomach churn.

I guess another area of excess might be in book ownership. On one hand I know I need to control it, because I do have limited storage space, but on the other hand I have a Kindle on which to put several hundred.