Writing Prompts 2

Another Tuesday means another writing prompt. I think I will try to keep them on Tuesdays. Perhaps that routine will help me as well. Unfortunately, there’s not much to the prompt chosen at random for today.

If you were to look in my fridge right now, what would you find?

I know I will forget something, but this is my best attempt at recalling what’s there:

  • milk and orange juice on the door
  • condiments on the door
  • a few bottles of wine on the door
  • tiny packets of condiments from Chinese food take out in the butter keeper at the top of the door
  • a gallon of tea on the top shelf along with instant potatoes, corn meal, one or two water bottles staying cold and one or two bottles of beer (ale) won at a Christmas party
  • second shelf holds leftovers and the egg bin
  • in the drawer right under the second shelf is the stuff for sandwich fixings: turkey, pastrami, bacon and American cheese
  • third shelf has two rolls of croissant dough and a few other things I can’t think of right now
  • at the bottom are two drawers one full of satsumas, spaghetti, tortilla wraps and a few other odds and ends
  • very bottom shelf has beer and flour

I think I covered most of the contents, though now that I look at it, it’s an odd mishmash of what things are paired in what storage areas. Lol