Will the Supreme Court cement Obama’s gay rights legacy?

Out of all of the legacies Mr Obama could leave behind, I hope this is the top one. I know he’s been criticized about it in the past, but let’s face it: no politician is perfect from the top on down.

The Supreme Court’s new move toward a definitive ruling on same-sex marriage could cement President Barack Obama’s claim to having presided over the most significant advances in gay rights in United States history.

Obama’s term has already seen the enactment of a federal law protecting gays and lesbians against hate crimes, an end to the ban on openly gay members of the U.S military and the issuance of a Supreme Court ruling striking down the law banning federal recognition of same-sex marriage. Such unions have now spread to 36 states across the country. A new Supreme Court ruling declaring same-sex marriage rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution could serve as the capstone on a record of change unparalleled on any other issue in the public eye during his tenure.

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