Florida Legalizes Driving While Gay-Married

Yes, Dear Followers, you are reading the title correctly. Anti-LGBT activists are doing all they can to undermine the decisions that the Supreme Court has voted for in our favor and most of it is wasting tax-payer money. But that’s typical of politicians. This is just one big facepalm.

Florida has finally legalized driving while gay. Bills to discriminate against gay couples are rapidly multiplying in Texas. And multiple states are still wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to reverse marriage equality.

Last fall, Scott and Daniel Wall-DeSousa got new driver’s licenses after they married in New York and hyphenated their name. But the state of Florida said that it wouldn’t recognize their new names — even though it was a legal name change — and canceled the licenses, which effectively meant that they couldn’t drive. But now that couples can marry in Florida, the Wall-DeSousas finally have their new licenses. So, there you go, Florida, you wasted everyone’s time and accomplished nothing, congratulations.

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