Mom’s Funeral Halted by Pastor Over Affectionate Photos of Two Wives

Clearly this pastor doesn’t conduct funeral services in the manner in which I am familiar. Where I come from, if a pastor/priest did not previously know the deceased, they take time to ask questions of friends and family left behind in order to conduct a more worthwhile service.

A Colorado pastor halted the funeral of a 33-year-old mother of two over the weekend, reportedly because a memorial slideshow featured kissing and other moments of affection between the woman, Vanessa Collier, and her wife, Christina Higley. As a result, the crowd of more than 150 mourners moved flowers, programs — and Collier’s body in a casket — from New Hope Ministries to a funeral home across the street. The pastor’s decision has ignited anger both online and in the streets outside the church in Lakewood, where a large crowd of friends and supporters, unmoved by a reported apology from pastor Raymond Chavez, held a protest on Tuesday, chanting, “Shame on Pastor Ray!”

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