Writing Prompts

I have decided to add a new “feature” to this blog since it is the one I publish to the most often. Feel free to ignore as they will more than likely have little to do with LGBT issues. I am going to aim to do one a week and have a book of 300 prompts. This is just meant to keep me creatively stimulated as I attempt to reach my goal for 2015.

This is the first prompt…

Do you like or have facial hair?

As to the first part of the question, I find that men in general look better with a tidy beard rather than one that looks more like a few bunches of fake fur glued to the face.

As to the second part, yes unfortunately I do have facial hair. Mostly random hairs on my chin, but years ago in a fit of madness I allowed my beautician to wax my lip and now I have to do that continually because it grows back darker. *sigh* I’m firmly convinced if she had left it alone it would’ve been fine.