New York’s Largest Jail To Open Housing Unit For Transgender Women

You know, my first reaction to this was “I’m glad they’re thinking of these women’s needs.” But then I wonder why they should need the special treatment. They are women now, whatever they were born as. So who is telling the other inmates they were born anatomically male? Shouldn’t prison wardens and others who work in the jail system be schooled on how to keep their mouths closed???

NEW YORK — The country’s second-largest jail will open a housing unit this week for transgender women, officials announced Tuesday, in a historic effort to protect transgender inmates from violence, rape and harassment.

The New York City Department of Correction said that the new housing unit at the Rikers Island jail facility will have an initial capacity of 30 beds, which it said would be sufficient for the number of transgender women at Rikers at any given time. Inmates will be placed in the unit voluntarily.

“Because inmates are not all alike, the Department is creating specialized housing for many specific inmate groups,” said Correction Commissioner Joseph Ponte in a statement. “Providing [transgender women] with specialized housing and services is good policy and meaningful reform and is expected to reduce incidents involving these individuals while also leading to better long-term outcomes, including possible reductions in recidivism,” he said.

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