How One Dad Helped His Gay Teen Son Come Out

Get your tissues out, Lovelies! This is a heartwarming story and it’s a shame stories like this are so infrequent.

Earlier this month, a 38-year-old single dad borrowed his son’s iPad and came across his Google search history. “A lot of the search terms were along the lines of ‘I’m gay, what now’,” wrote the dad on Reddit, going by the username HeMeYou. “He has seemed slightly down recently, as in, he isn’t as cheerful as he once was, and I desperately want to tell him that I love him regardless of which sexuality he is.”

The father, who makes clear in the post that he is “100% supportive,” was looking for advice on how to communicate that to his son. “What are my options? Should I wait for him to tell me? Or should I make a few hints at it?” he wonders.

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