Greg Abbott’s mind-bending defense of banning gay marriage

I still can’t get over how these morons leap to the conclusion that just because I love a woman and am a woman myself, that means I want to fondle a child. That so very wrong and just so maddening that people could think that way!!

Texas Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott is defending his state’s same-sex marriage ban on the grounds that it both reduces “unplanned out-of-wedlock births,” and ensures “the survival of the human race” — two seemingly contradictory goals with one calling for less baby-making, and the other hinging on it. His comments add to those of his fellow Lone Star Republicans, who earlier this year warned that marriage equality could lead to incest and pedophilia.

“Because opposite-sex relationships are the only union that is biologically capable of producing offspring, it is rational to believe that opposite-sex marriages will generate new offspring to a greater extent than same-sex marriages will,” wrote Abbott, along with other defendants, in the state’s brief submitted Friday to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. “It is therefore rational for the State to subsidize opposite-sex marriages, which tend to produce benefits for society by generating new offspring, while withholding these subsidies from same-sex relationships, which are far less likely to provide this particular societal benefit.”

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