Indiana Parents Vote ‘No Gays Allowed’ for Students’ New Years Eve Ball

Ball for all? More like ball for some. It’s really heartbreaking how parents are consistently teaching their kids intolerance. But if it’s “traditional couples only” then that means no mixed race couples either. Right?

The Vincennes New Years Eve Ball is a tradition for parents and students of Vincennes Lincoln High School. It’s a formal, black-tie affair held in a rented banquet hall on the campus of Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, (pop. 18,069). The “private, invitation only” dance for teens is an opportunity for student-couples to spend the evening dancing and celebrating with the one they love — a milestone moment among many high school memories made.

Well, at least for heterosexual couples.

Since 2004, the New Years Eve Ball invitations have required “traditional couples only” — traditional couple defined as one boy and one girl. And within the last week, according to Twitter #LHSSSA (Lincoln High School Super Straight Alliance), some students agree with the “traditional couples only” definition, perceived or policy, with tweets such as “We don’t cheer for queers” and #StraightPower. These few students fail to consider that they’ve created a permanent digital trail showcasing and preserving their bigotry indefinitely, a digital trail available to college admissions counselors and potential employers. Just as their parents have preserved their bigotry indefinitely, for the world to see. Are the students parroting their parents?

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