This LSU Fraternity Has A Terrible Sense Of Humor

I call BFS on the response from the fraternity in question. I’m sick to death of people (corporations) mouthing off about something or doing something that they KNOW is offensive, then backpedaling when… OMG someone is offended. This article begins with this statement:

The Louisiana State University chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon will end its “rich tradition” of hanging offensive game day banners…

If you tout it as a rich tradition it’s clearly one you’re proud of, then be men enough to admit you know that your banner is offensive and you really don’t give a flying fuck. Instead we get this from a letter from the bros to the LSU President and Chancellor:

It was never any member of our fraternity’s intention to offend others.


Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You enjoy being offensive so own up to it.

I sincerely hope that each member of that fraternity has to deal with being offended by someone or something in their lives to know how it feels. But I’m guessing they’re too insensitive and wouldn’t realize it if someone were trying to offend them on purpose.

You can see the offensive “banner” on the link below to the Huffington Post’s story.

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