21 Steps forward and one giant leap back

I would like to thank Judge Martin L.C. Feldman for keeping Louisiana in the Dark Ages. You are a credit to the bench on which you rest your sorry ass. If there wasn’t already a reason for me wanting out of this hell hole, I’d have the perfect reason in this decision. Thanks, man!

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge here upheld the state’s ban on same-sex marriage on Wednesday, going against what had been a unanimous trend of federal court decisions striking down such bans since the Supreme Court ruled on the matter last year.

In his ruling, Judge Martin L. C. Feldman of Federal District Court said that the regulation of marriage was left up to the states and the democratic process; that no fundamental right was being violated by the ban; and that Louisiana had a “legitimate interest … whether obsolete in the opinion of some, or not, in the opinion of others … in linking children to an intact family formed by their two biological parents.”

That this ruling ran counter to a wave of other federal decisions across the country in recent months was immediately noted by opponents of the ban.

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