CA Couple Shares Surrogate Story in Wake of Thailand Controversy

Take out your hankies, y’all. It’s a beautiful story, but if you’re like me, some tears may fall.

When news broke earlier this month about baby Gammy — the newborn with Down syndrome who was left (or kept) in Thailand with his surrogate mother while his intended adoptive parents returned to Australia with his twin sister — many were shocked. But not Keston and Andrea Ott-Dahl, a San Francisco couple who had a similar experience right here in America.

“We were not surprised, because it happened to us,” Keston, 48, told Yahoo Health. She’s referring to the roller-coaster ride she and her partner, Andrea, had in 2012, when Andrea agreed to be a surrogate for their friends, another lesbian couple who wanted a child but was having trouble conceiving. So she agreed to become impregnated with the sperm of their friends’ gay male friend, and they were off.