AIDS experts blast countries with anti-gay laws

If I were a conspiracy minded person, I would conclude that the Malaysian flight that was shot down last week was the result of Russia being so anti-gay that they decided to eliminate some people who were going to the World AIDS Conference in Australia. But I’m not. 😉

Campaigners at the world AIDS conference are taking aim at countries with anti-gay laws, accusing them of creating conditions that allow the spread of HIV.

Powerfully mixing concerns over human rights and health, the issue threatens to divide western donor countries where gay equality is making strides from poor beneficiary nations where anti-gay laws persist or have been newly passed, say some.

Nobel laureate Francoise Barre-Sinoussi, who co-discovered HIV and co-chairs the six-day conference, seized Sunday’s opening ceremony to lay down a barrage of criticism at laws targeting minorities who bear a disproportionate share of the global pandemic.

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