Comic character Archie will die saving gay best friend from assassination

Comic books aren’t my thing, but over the years I’ve become familiar with many characters from the world of comic books. Archie Comics made history by having its first openly gay character and will make history again when the main character is killed off at the end of the Life with Archie‘s run.

Archie Andrews, a staple of American comics since 1941, will die in Wednesday’s issue of Life with Archie. And he’ll say goodbye to the series with one last act of heroism: Archie will take a bullet meant for best friend Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character in his comic universe. In doing so, he’ll foil an assassination attempt against Keller and, according to the story’s creators, give rise to greater understanding and tolerance in his fictional town of Riverdale. The final issue arrives as many Americans continue to work tirelessly on behalf of gay rights and to extend marriage equality across the US.

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