Boost For LGBT Rights In Peru As Leading Politician Comes Out

I’m glad Mr Bruce has changed direction and is willing to share who he is.

The front page of one of Peru’s major newspapers blared the headline: “I’m gay, and proud to be so.”

It was a quote from an interview with Carlos Bruce, a former cabinet minister, one-time serious contender for the vice presidency, and now one of Peru’s most popular members of Congress. His sexual orientation had long been widely discussed, and for years he’d answered direct questions about it by saying: “I don’t discuss my personal life.”

Bruce’s abrupt change in strategy last week signals just how much the politics of LGBT rights are changing in Peru, which has lagged far behind while many other countries in South America have become world leaders on the issue. Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil have all established marriage equality since 2010. This week, one of Brazil’s top bishops said that “same-sex couples need legal support” and endorsed civil unions. Meanwhile, Peru’s cardinal has denounced a civil union proposal Bruce introduced last September as a “caricature of marriage that will later destroy it.”

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