Top Singapore Official Attacks Goldman Sachs Over LGBT Student Event

If you don’t want your values questioned, perhaps you shouldn’t allow global companies to do business or be based in your country. The world is opening its mind, not closing it.

Goldman Sachs’ recruitment of LGBT students in Singapore has attracted the ire of the country’s conservative government in the latest collision between increasingly pro-LGBT global business norms and conservative local governments.

After the Singaporean publication MyPaper ran a piece Wednesday, “Wanted by Goldman Sachs: LGBT employees,” describing an LGBT student event the bank had scheduled for May, Social and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing wrote a Facebook post referencing “a recent newspaper article on the recruitment practice of a multinational company here.”

Sing said Singapore is a “largely conservative society” and wrote that “while different groups may express their different points of view, everyone should respect the sensitivities of others and not create division.”

“Singapore and Singaporeans will decide the norms for our society,” he said. “Foreign companies here should respect local culture and context. They are entitled to decide and articulate their human resource policies, but should not venture into public advocacy for causes that sow discord amongst Singaporeans.”

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