Excited for…. nothing?

Okay so I’m going down the road of the personal again.

Today I have realized that I have no passion for anything. Even the one thing I would love to do more than anything, I’m not passionate about. I want to be a writer, but I’m not because I can find a million other things to do other than writing. Problem is, I can’t turn off the creative flow, so these ideas just linger in my head like so much waste. I’ve never been excited to do anything to the extent that I want to do it every single day, unlike my girlfriend who is passionate about running. She loves to run. She’d run every day if she could, but her current work schedule gives her only four days she’s really available to run. She works 12 hour shifts on the other three days and is too exhausted to do much at the end of the day.

It’s like I have some twisted form of ADD and it’s suddenly distressing that I lack this focus.

If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “Excited for…. nothing?”

  1. BJF, I can totally relate! I’ve got undiagnosed ADD as discovered when my son was diagnosed this past school year! I think you can go practical and go see your MD, take natural supplements like Focus Factor, or just accept this creative challenge and write your ideas down in pieces as they come.

    Sometimes you have to accept your creative flow as it is and quit trying to force your creative flow to conform to how you want it to come and instead let it be as is.

    Once you collect enough pieces you will likely be inspired to stitch it together into the masterpiece your mind is creating! I use my phone for 99% of my blogging essays are written in snippets in my note app and stitched together later!

    Many artists have this “problem” as it is the “curse” of the creative mind! You are far from alone!


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