Fired Lesbian Police Chief Gets Outpouring Of Support From Tiny SC Town

The mayor is definitely an ass. It’s so heartwarming to hear of the support for this woman considering she lives in a very conservative community.

WASHINGTON — It’s been a rough week for Crystal Moore. She got fired from her job as the police chief in Latta, S.C., despite a spotless 20-year record with the department, and she’s not alone in believing the town’s new mayor fired her because she’s a lesbian. It’s the first time she hasn’t had a job since she was 9, her health insurance runs out at the end of the month and she doesn’t know where her next paycheck will come from.

But if the firing weren’t enough of a shock, something else unexpected happened: Her community — a tiny conservative town of about 1,410 residents — is rising to her defense and demanding that she get her job back.

Dozens of people have picketed outside town hall and held prayer vigils. Kids she met while patrolling at a school have told her they support her. Members of the town council voted to take action to go around Mayor Earl Bullard and try to reinstate her job. Her former team of officers calls her every day to lend their support. And teachers, preachers and counselors in town have all approached her to tell her she deserves her job back and that her sexual orientation should have nothing to do with her job.

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    1. I hope they impeach the mayor or whatever they do to mayors. The Council’s run around him to get her reinstated shouldn’t be all they do.

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