Arizona State Senator Tells Gay Colleague To ‘Act More Gay’

Wow. Just… wow. More proof that politicians don’t think before opening their mouths.

Arizona state Sen. Olivia Cajero Bedford (D) advised openly gay state Sen. Steve Gallardo (D) to “act more gay” in a closed-door caucus meeting Tuesday during which she sought to remove Gallardo from his post as Senate minority whip, according to Arizona Capitol Times.

Cajero Bedford argued that Gallardo’s decision to run for Congress while serving as minority whip, and the fact that he hadn’t previously disclosed his sexual orientation, warranted his removal from the leadership post. Cajero Bedford’s impromptu vote to oust Gallardo failed 3-8.

“She said that I should be more gay and she questioned my integrity. She said she was glad I came out (of the closet), but that I should be more gay,” Gallardo told the Capitol Times. “I’m more offended that she questioned my integrity.”

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