Couple Lives In Fear After Myanmar’s First Public Same-Sex Wedding

I hope nothing happens to these guys. They are too cute.

YANGON, Myanmar — In the month since they donned traditional wedding suits and pledged a lifelong commitment before family and friends, Tin Ko Ko and Myo Min Htet have been afraid to sleep in their own home.

The two men, whose celebration was trumpeted around the world as Myanmar’s first gay wedding, say they fear arrest after police told a local newspaper they would be investigated. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Myanmar and several laws criminalize same-sex relationships.

The men themselves initially described their event as a wedding and both wear gold wedding bands. But in the wake of negative reaction to their news — mainly in police quotes to newspapers and disparaging comments on news sites and social media — they have changed their language.

“We are not married. It was a celebration of our 10th anniversary as a couple,” said Tin Ko Ko. “Marriage is not legal for gay people.”

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