Cincinnati Archdiocese Warns: We’ll Fire Gay Teachers

It’s sad that teachers could loose their job over something that really isn’t anyone else’s business. The god of the Roman Catholic Church is clearly not about love, but about fear. Glad I don’t follow that god.

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has told teachers that coming out as gay or supporting LGBT issues will almost certainly be grounds for termination.

The new contract warns potential educators that any conduct that goes against the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and “would reflect discredit on or cause scandal to the School” could result in termination, and says that any public support of things like the “homosexual lifestyle,” sex out of wedlock, and abortion, among other issues, is strictly prohibited.

The changes came to light late last month and have come under fire by LGBT advocates at the Human Rights Campaign, with HRC denouncing the rules teachers are asked to agree to as taking “discrimination to a new level.” HRC also noted the new contract comes in the wake of several firings of gay and lesbian teachers from Catholic schools in Ohio and across the country for going public with their sexual orientation or marriage to a same-sex spouse.

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