Former Miss America Contestant Comes Out, Makes History

I think I love the fact that she’s from my Lady’s home state the best. 😀 Of course it’s lovely that a Miss America contestant has come out. Lesbians can be knockout gorgeous. Just ask me; my girlfriend is drop dead gorgeous. 😉

Miss America contestants have long been viewed as the embodiment of tradition: the girl next door, who just happens to look like Barbie. The image persists, despite blossoming diversity over the years and, in 2013, the crowning of the first Indian-American winner, Nina Davuluri. But there’s at least one contestant that’s not been seen on the Miss America runway—the out lesbian. It’s why a particular bit of pageant news is making such an impact this week: Former Miss Kentucky Djuan Keila Trent, a 2011 Miss America contestant, has come out as “queer” on her personal blog, making her the first out lesbian contestant to have competed at a national level.

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