Mizzou Students Block Westboro

I didn’t report on this last week, but I’m sure by now everyone knows of the hopeful NFL defensive end from Mizzou who came out. He recently returned to the university to accept the trophy for the 2014 Cotton Bowl his team won. Those Westboro haters were there, as they always are, but they were confronted by a far larger peaceful protest organized by current students.

For the first time after publicly coming out as gay, Michael Sam returned to his alma mater Saturday night and received a standing ovation from supporters.

The defensive end returned with the Mizzou Tiger football team to accept the 2014 Cotton Bowl Championship Trophy during halftime of the Mizzou vs. Tennessee basketball game.

Not only was Sam applauded — hundreds of students blocked a protest staged by Westboro Baptist Church, an anti-LGBT hate group, according to the Mid-Missouri Traveler.

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