Russia Bans International Gay Adoption

I really feel sorry for these children. No parents and now no chance of parents. Ever. I guess it’s more important to have a father and a mother than to have two loving parents. Just leave them as wards of the state where they can learn to become criminals. Two thumbs up Russia!!!

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued a decree Thursday banning international adoptions by same-sex couples and unmarried people in countries with marriage equality.

The decree implements a law passed last July and adds an amendment to the country’s adoption regulations that says “persons in a union concluded between persons of one sex, recognized as marriage and registered in accordance with the law of the state in which such marriages are permitted, and also unmarried persons who are citizens of said country” may not adopt. It appears that straight married couples in those countries may still adopt children. Single people in other countries must provide supporting evidence when applying to adopt that same-sex marriage is not recognized in their country.

Thursday’s decree puts those provisions into Russia’s adoption regulations. A law signed by President Vladimir Putin in July, which used similar language, added the provision to the country’s family code.

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