Labor Department Officials Block Reporter From Questioning Tom Perez

Well well well… I guess freedom of the press no longer counts for anything here.

WASHINGTON — Labor Department officials blocked a reporter from speaking with Labor Secretary Thomas Perez Monday because of what officials believed the reporter would ask the secretary about: LGBT workers’ rights.

Following an event with Perez and Michelle Obama on veteran hiring, Labor Department officials allowed all reporters present other than a BuzzFeed reporter to speak with Perez.

When asked about the decision, Labor Department spokesman Egan Reich said the BuzzFeed reporter was held outside the event because the department did not believe BuzzFeed would ask about veteran hiring.
BuzzFeed has been seeking information for more than a year about whether the Labor Department is enforcing a current executive order that bans federal contractors from discriminating on the basis of sex to include banning discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Two weeks ago, Labor Department officials declined to make Perez available for an interview about the issue.

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