I have this friend…

I have this friend; we haven’t known each other long. She accepts me for who I am, but sometimes I find myself wondering what the catch is. When will the other shoe drop? She is accepting of me, yes, but if things were different… But different how? Am I some kind of charity case? Well maybe it’s my spiritual path that she has a problem with, but is too nice to say anything. If I were any other way than I am, would we still be friends?

I dunno. Sometimes things pop into my head that make no sense.


One thought on “I have this friend…”

  1. Not knowing your friend I cannot speak for her but for myself I’d say:
    She must find your authenticity and openness quite refreshing, I know I DO! Plus, you’ve got such a big heart that extends to more than just those in your circle but to many who suffer and who are seeking healing and hope as reflected in your blog!
    Your spiritual path is as unique and ever-changing as you are… what’s not to like/respect/admire about that? 😊
    See, different is GOOD… and you are so good to me and for me. That’s why although we just ‘met’ I’m glad we are friends! ❤️Ann

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