Study: Smoking While Pregnant May Lead To Gay Babies

I know nothing about Newsone, so I’m not sure if we should take this “study” seriously or not. It’s rather absurd to me, akin to the UKIP stating that gay marriage causes bad weather.

moking while pregnant has been shown to cause delayed growth, low birth weight, and premature delivery, but now an Amsterdam University professor is claiming that smoking and undergoing stress during pregnancy for a developing fetus can in fact impact the child’s sexual orientation, reports The Sunday Times.

According to neuroscientist Dr. Dick Swaab, pre-birth exposure to nicotine can increase the chances of girls becoming lesbian or bisexual and drinking or drug taking can lower a child’s IQ. The researcher also surmised that a boy with several older brothers has a higher chance of being gay possibly because the development of the mother’s immune system to have stronger responses to male hormones with each son born.

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