Huge Rant

Please pardon this break in my usual spreading of LGBT news for a personal rant. Sure, there are plenty of other places I could post this, but this is where I’m active right now.

I have this friend (a word I want to use very loosely most of the time) who drives me up the wall more often than not. I remain friends with her because we work together and we don’t work for a big company. For the purpose of this rant (and any future rants) I will call her Pima.

The latest “big thing” that pissed me off happened last Friday. She and I, along with a third girl from our office, went to the wake of an old co-worker’s father. She had worked with us a few years ago and we are all fond of her, so we went to show support even though we didn’t stay long. At first, it was just going to be me that went, then I was going to go pick up another friend of mine and go to lunch. On Tuesday I asked the third girl if she was going to go and if she wanted to go together. Pima wasn’t at work on Monday or Tuesday so it wasn’t until Wednesday that she found out about the death, then in the course of the day asked if I was going to go to the service and if she could go. I agreed since the service was way across town and Pima doesn’t have a car (she lives close enough to work to walk). So then I made arrangements with Pima and the Third Girl to meet at the office then we’d all pile into my car and go to the wake for a little while, then I’d pick up my other friend on the way back, drop Pima and Third Girl off and go on to lunch.

Everything went according to plan til we got back to the office where I was dropping off Pima and Third Girl. Pima knows the other friend that I was going to lunch with and as we’re sitting in my car, she suddenly says, “I’m trying to decide if I want tea or not.” (Lunch with my friend was going to be at an English tea room about 45 minutes away.) Seriously? Inviting yourself? I don’t do that and hate when others do it. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Of course my other friend said Pima could join us, but I was like, “I made the reservation for two.” Thankfully she got out the car and we left.

Then today it was two little things, but I’m just tired of it happening.

Maybe 1/4 the time she is going to be late (she’s late everyday) to work, she calls. Yesterday I was a little late myself and she’d managed to call in to say she’d be an hour late. She never showed up. Didn’t call back to say, “Hey I’m not coming in after all.” Today she was a half hour late and I’d just put my kettle on for some raspberry chai tea. I didn’t ask if she wanted any because I’m tired of waiting for her to show up (or not) before I get a brew. She went behind my back, pulled the kettle off it’s plate and added more water on her own.

On top of that she decided to just help herself to my phone charger because she’s too lazy to bother trying to remember to bring her own or buy a second one so she has one at the office and one at home like I do.

Her severe lack of work ethic drives me insane. If she doesn’t call in, I’ve quit calling her on my own to find out if she’s okay. I wait til the bosses tell me to call her or it doesn’t happen.

She isn’t from the US originally, but she’s been here since 2005 and most people would try to conform to some of the customs within the country they live in. Most especially relating to work. If it were up to me, she’d have been gone a long time ago, but all my bosses do is rant and rave and nothing more.

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  1. She needs an honest talking to! I’m not sure you’re the one for the job but she is needing to be phased out. You did the right thing and I think if it came to that you could have told her “Inviting yourself to tea is quite rude, you know? I’m sure you understand I have made these plans and hope you understand they do not include you at this time.” Sometimes I think we enable crappy behaviors by not being honest and speaking up. Honesty is not mean… it is a gift. Might always appreciate honesty and man, this girl needs it! Good luck!

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