Where Is The Same-Sex Intimacy on Screen?

Okay call me a prude, but any intimacy on screen – hetero OR homosexual – just makes me feel uncomfortably voyeuristic. I know intimacy is a part of everyday life, but it should only be between the two people involved, not the two people involved and the rest of the world. I don’t mind seeing hand-holding and a little kissing – in real life OR on screen – but nothing beyond that.

In the fourth episode of an already shaky third season, Revenge gave fans something to celebrate with the quick consummation of a will-they-or-won’t-they flirtation that began the moment Patrick (Justin Hartley) set foot in the Hamptons earlier that season.

“I just thought,” Nolan stammers, “you showed up at my party, and we saw each other at the beach club, that maybe we, uh…”

“We did,” Patrick finally answers, pulling Nolan into a passionate kiss.

With little fanfare, Revenge showed audiences a tender man-on-man kiss, something that shouldn’t feel revolutionary in 2013 but still proves to be noteworthy.

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